Living with Rabbits


For people who have never had a rabbit in their family, there are many common stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding the fluffy little creatures. I’m here to debunk these notions with my little bunny buddy Ridley.

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An Illustrated Guide to Life – Featuring Ridley Rabbit


In our society today, a lot of people get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and they often forget the important things; the little things that keep us healthy and happy and human. So today, my little friend Ridley the Rabbit is going to give you some sound advice. He may be just a bunny, but he knows what’s truly important. So here’s our first segment of “An Illustrated Guide to Life – Featuring Ridley Rabbit”



DOOLITTLEING: [doo-little-ing] (verb)

  1. The act of talking to a pet while having a human in the room who believes you to be addressing them and hence asks you to repeat yourself.
  2. The act of holding a conversation with an animal, regardless of reciprocation.

Ember: “Why are you chasing your tail?”
Grimm: “What’s that, Ember?”
Ember: “Nothing, I’m doolittleing.”

My Furry Bucket List


I am a huge animal lover. In fact, I’ll openly admit that I typically enjoy the company of animals more than people. Living in an apartment, I can currently only enjoy the company of your “usual” house pets. Right now, my two fur-babies are my dog, Aussie, and my rabbit, Ridley. Yet, I have big dreams of expanding my furry family someday. We’re not just talking cats, dogs, and rabbits though… I am a very ambitious animal lover, and below I have compiled an illustrated list (in no particular order) of my top ten most wanted future family members. I’ll warn you that several of them are somewhat unusual…

I yearn for the day that I can wake up to this cute little wrinkly snout. I’m not naïve, I know that teacup pigs do not stay teeny-tiny, and I’m fine with that. One pound or 100 pounds, this “little” piggy would always have my heart.


They prance, they bleat, and they have the stomach anatomy to eat just about anything. Plus, they’re just so freakin’ adorable. Pygmy goats first stole my heart when I volunteered at a petting zoo when I was 13. I bonded with one goat named Oreo, and I got him to head-butt a bratty girl that I had a profound distaste for. At that moment, I knew that someday I would be welcoming one of these fellas into my home.


I can’t even deal with the cuteness of these guys. While I could technically adopt one in my current living situation, my apartment is a bit too compact for more than one type of small and furry… Or should I say small and quill-y? And there’s always the concern of my dog thinking that the hedgehog is a ball for him to play fetch with.


Isn’t it majestic? Who wouldn’t be drawn to the world’s largest rodent, weighing in at 100+ pounds when fully grown. Though I can’t imagine what it’d be like cleaning up after him, I’d love to hang out with a capybara. [Side note: I have yet to find anywhere that I can see one of these in person… Can anyone tell me where I need to go?]


When I envision having a sugar glider in my home, I can see it flying every which way from the tops of our many bookshelves to the comfort of our couch and back again. It’d be like chillin’ with Rocky from The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. And I would totally buy a pouch so I could carry him with me. Sure, they’re nocturnal and I know that they are noisy little critters at night, but so am I; so I think it’ll all work out.


Here’s another marsupial that I’d love to be in the company of. From my understanding they are carnivorous, ornery, and prefer solitude over interaction… Sounds very similar to my significant other (I love you, Paul!). It’s true; I have no problem with cranky animals. I can completely relate to the sensation of wanting everyone to bugger off and just let me eat and stay up all night without being bothered. This is my kind of animal.


“I shall call him squishy, and he shall be mine, and he shall be my squishy.” I have been wanting one of these for a looooong time. I’ve done a lot of research, and I know they are somewhat high-maintenance pets. So is my rabbit, though, so I got this.


I doubt I’ll ever be able to call one of these my own, as they are pretty rare and thus high-priced and hard-to-obtain…. But one can dream.


SQUEE!!!! Just look at that face! Fennec foxes are sort of like a cross between a cat and a dog. Highly energetic, and open to snuggling, I feel these foxes are way too underrated as companions. And just for the record, they bark — they will never, ever say GERING-DING-DING-A-DING or the likes…. Bonus.


Did you know that alpacas sing? Well, technically they hum, but it’s quite melodic and soothing, Put that in combination with their soft fleece, and you have yourself a perfectly therapeutic animal. Just try to avoid their spit.

So that was my bucket list of pets. I hope you found it equal parts adorable and informative. Until next time….!





Looking for Wildlife in the Big City


I am a Chicagoan, born and raised; and even when I have tried to live elsewhere, this city has always drawn me back in. I love my hometown. We’ve got the best pizza, hot dogs, and Italian food; we’ve got two of the best MLB teams; even our accent is cool. The Windy City certainly has a lot to envy, so choosing something that I feel it lacks is a bit difficult. I wracked my brain to decide what, if anything, I would incorporate into Chi-Town to make it better, and I could only come up with one thing:

Pure and simple nature. I’m not talking about forest preserves or man-made parks… As phenomenal as our Zoological society is, that still doesn’t quite do it for me. I miss virginal nature – the kind that has not been tampered with at all by our species. Simple, untouched, and wild. I don’t want to walk on a decorative path… I’d much prefer the feel of wild grass beneath my feet. I’d love to roam the areas where the native wildlife has not been cast out. I’m willing to risk the potential of cougar attack just to get some one on one time with Mother Earth. And I’d like to see the stars laid out before me; not just the few white specks that shine through the glare of millions of lights reflected off of our lovely ozone, but the galaxy in all of it’s distant glory.

But alas, there just isn’t enough room for these things in the City of Big Shoulders… Guess I’ll just have to get in my car and drive off the map for awhile.

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When Words Fail


There are certain days when organized thoughts are lost upon me. I sit down prepared to write something noteworthy and epic, and as I look at my screen my mind goes as blank as the word processor I’m staring at. Today is one of those days. Perhaps it’s a case of the Mondays (though I do believe you’d get your ass kicked for saying something like that, man)… Or maybe it’s because I carb-overloaded at lunch. A fourth cup of coffee may be what I need to get my creative juices flowing; yet, somehow I doubt that. It’s just one of those days. So rather than write nothing, I’ll write a haiku. I’ll even gear it toward my Writing 101 prompt for the day… Here we go:

the thinker awakes
deep thoughts have left him famished
which way’s the café?



The Cryptic Message


It was lying on the hot asphalt path as if someone had simply dropped it without realizing; a plain white envelope with no return address and no stamp. There was not even a mailing address on it, it was simply addressed to “YOU”. I looked around, as if the person who had possessed this letter might still be within sight, but there was no one. My curiosity was piqued. I crouched down and plucked it off the ground. It was thin and light, so I knew there couldn’t be more than a sheet of paper inside. Peering around once again, I nervously picked at the corner of the envelope. In that moment, I decided I had to read it.

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