10 Facts That Will Make You Happy


I did not create this video, but I wanted to share it with you because it has some awesomely fun facts that are sure to make you smile. All credit goes to AllTime10s on YouTube.


Ember’s Law & Life Lessons from the Food Network


For several years, I had no access to “live TV”. If I wanted to watch something, I relied solely on streaming sites (i.e. Netflix, Hulu, etc.) But recently, after a dispute with my internet provider over their billing methods, I got hooked up with economy cable as a free extra. This is what I like to call “Ember’s Law”… Remember it, as it is a valuable skill that can be used in a variety of situations. Ember’s Law proves that 99% of the time, If you keep a customer service rep on the phone long enough and calmly but persistently inform them that they are serving up BS and you are on to them, they’ll usually give you discounts or freebies simply to shut you up. But that’s just a side note.

After getting the cable service installed, I learned that the “economy” package features a bare-boned lineup of channels. With my limited choices, I found myself watching what happened to be available to me. This is how I discovered my new passion for Food Network… Particularly the show Chopped. It’s a competitive cooking show where four contestants face off to create the best dish out of ingredients provided to them in a basket. Typically, most of the ingredients are completely random and seemingly mismatched items, so the chefs have to use their creativity and know-how to make a palatable and attractive culinary creation.

I can appreciate the challenges these chefs face, because in a strange way, it’s a lot like writing. Or I should say, a lot like my style of writing. You see, I tend to take my random and often obscure thoughts and ideas and construe them into something that you might like to read. Sometimes it works for me, sometimes not so much. But when everything comes together in harmony, it is a beautiful thing.

So remember what you have learned here today:

  • Use Ember’s Law to get what you want out of money-hungry service providers.
  • Random things have the potential to come together in a beautiful way.