I Can Hear my Childhood, and it Sounds Like British Pop


It never ceases to amaze me how certain things can spark one’s memory. Scent, for instance. When I smell the musky aroma of burning leaves, I am virtually transported to my childhood when I would go on weekend trips to Michigan with my Dad and our neighbors. At night, we would come back from swimming in the lake and have a bonfire at the cottage. The Dads would grill sausages, and us kids would run around barefoot in the yard having water balloon fights. When I catch a faint whiff of gasoline fumes in the wind, I think of summers spent in Lake Geneva and my Aunt and Uncle’s speedboat cruising along the water. I’d always lean over the side of the boat near the back and try to catch seaweed as we’d coast by. My mom would yell at me to stop, always afraid I’d fall in.

Scent is one thing that has that power. Another is music.

I was born in the mid-80s, and I can honestly say that I still gravitate more towards the music of last millennium than most anything I hear on the radio today. I hear “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure and I have fond memories of going to the roller rink with my friends when we were in elementary school. I couldn’t skate for shit. Still can’t. But listening to that music, laughing and being pulled around the rink by my friends just so I could stay upright for more than two minutes… That’s the kind of thing that stays with you and brings out your inner child even as you’re sitting at your desk paying utility bills and researching what kind of medical care you should have when you turn 30.

I could list countless songs and albums that conjure up a lifetime of memories, but I won’t do that right now. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Instead, I encourage anyone out there who’s having a blah kind of day to turn on some music that brings them back to happier times. Bonus if you can recreate some happy aromatherapy too. Everyone today gets caught up in finding prescriptions to make them happy, stocking up on meaningless possessions, drinking until you reach the illusion of euphoria…. I can tell you, channeling your senses instead is a much easier, cheaper, and satisfying way to tune into those feelings of contentment. Plus, no hangover or credit card bills to haunt you later.

Until next time, I’ll leave you with this gem:

Why, you ask? Because this is the song I was listening to when I was partying like it was 1999 and thought that the world was going to end at the stroke of midnight Y2K. The world didn’t end, though. We just ended up pissing the night away 😉


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