Living with Rabbits


For people who have never had a rabbit in their family, there are many common stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding the fluffy little creatures. I’m here to debunk these notions with my little bunny buddy Ridley.

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It seems to be a popular thought that domestic rabbits just sit in a cage or hutch all day, eat carrots, and do little else besides radiate cuteness. This stereotype genuinely upsets me. Rabbits need plenty of exercise, play, and interaction. Ridley has a cage that he sleeps in, but as long as I am home he has the run of the house. He’s litter trained and our home is bunny-proofed; which means that any access to cords and wires is blocked off to prevent dangerous chewing temptation. This allows him to hop around to his heart’s content, and it also allows my fiancé and I ample opportunity to see some of the most entertaining of bunny “moves” in a clean and safe environment for our friend. I’ll display some of these moves below so you can take a moment to appreciate them with me.

1.) The Binky:
When a rabbit is happy, excited, and having fun they’ll whip out a little spastic jumping bean move referred to as a binky. I have yet to successfully capture Ridley doing one of these on camera because he’s much too quick, but here’s a fine example from YouTube user spekkioxlv

2.) The Bunny 500

Another display of happiness and fun is “The Bunny 500”, which is when a rabbit will run around quickly and erratically, often incorporating some acrobatics into the show. Example from YouTube user mrurt

3.) The Naptime Stretch

This is what usually happens in the downtime between the two former moves, and I don’t think it needs anymore explanation than this picture

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Rabbits can also be extremely affectionate creatures, and when introduced properly they can get along well with other household pets

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And contrary to popular belief, bunnies don’t live solely off of carrots. In fact, carrots should only be a small part of a rabbit’s diet, as the main chunk of their nutrition should come from hay, a variety of other fresh fruits and veggies, and rabbit food pellets.

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But all this information aside, bunnies make wonderful companions. There’s no end to the entertainment, affection, and overall fluffiness. If there are any other rabbit parents out there, share your stories with us! Let’s make the world a better place for bunnies.

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