Looking for Wildlife in the Big City


I am a Chicagoan, born and raised; and even when I have tried to live elsewhere, this city has always drawn me back in. I love my hometown. We’ve got the best pizza, hot dogs, and Italian food; we’ve got two of the best MLB teams; even our accent is cool. The Windy City certainly has a lot to envy, so choosing something that I feel it lacks is a bit difficult. I wracked my brain to decide what, if anything, I would incorporate into Chi-Town to make it better, and I could only come up with one thing:

Pure and simple nature. I’m not talking about forest preserves or man-made parks… As phenomenal as our Zoological society is, that still doesn’t quite do it for me. I miss virginal nature – the kind that has not been tampered with at all by our species. Simple, untouched, and wild. I don’t want to walk on a decorative path… I’d much prefer the feel of wild grass beneath my feet. I’d love to roam the areas where the native wildlife has not been cast out. I’m willing to risk the potential of cougar attack just to get some one on one time with Mother Earth. And I’d like to see the stars laid out before me; not just the few white specks that shine through the glare of millions of lights reflected off of our lovely ozone, but the galaxy in all of it’s distant glory.

But alas, there just isn’t enough room for these things in the City of Big Shoulders… Guess I’ll just have to get in my car and drive off the map for awhile.

[original prompt @ – http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/city-planners/ ]